The Northeast Wisconsin IT Alliance was created as a result of local industry leaders voicing concern about a widening gap in the supply of technology talent.



As a result, the Northeast Wisconsin Educational Resource Alliance (NEW ERA) conducted an economic study in June 2015 involving 40 employers and 93 school districts in the 18 county northeast Wisconsin region known as the NEW North. The study found:

  • Shortage of IT talent in 2016 of 1,300 professionals in Northeast WI
  • Gap expected to grow to 3,000 by 2021 (not including retirements)
  • Estimated lost wages to the region is $200,000,000 (does not factor income multiplier effect)
  • 86% of high school students surveyed are not interested in technology careers
  • Only 20% of IT graduates from local colleges are female



Working together to solve the talent gap for the entire region, industry leaders pooled their resources to hire a director to drive initiatives that will increase the IT talent pipeline in the region.


Today, the NEW IT Alliance is a non-profit collaboration of companies, academic institutions and other organizations dedicated to inspiring people of all ages to pursue IT as a career pathway in northeast Wisconsin.