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IT Department Description

The Ariens Company IT Department is committed to providing quality service and support to the business. We passionately pursue technology options that provide innovative solutions to advance the business strategy of Ariens Company in support of our vision to astound our customers. We maintain an environment that is supportive of all employees and encourages their growth and development. We operate with personal integrity, respecting all individuals.

Based on discussions with the key stakeholders throughout Ariens Company, we developed the following list of overarching motivations:
o Simplify the environment to support faster time to market for products or services
o Simplify interfaces to improve ease of doing business with Ariens Company, including self-service, customer satisfaction, and reduced training needs
o Simplify business processes to reduce the number of customizations needed, thereby decreasing the overall cost and complexity of support
o Add new capabilities for innovation, cost avoidance, competitive pressures and user demand
o Provide secure access to allow anytime, anywhere access to information by authorized persons
o Allow mining of data to make longer term projections
o Increase reliability of systems providing accurate and consistent access across the entire network

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